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American Fredrik Marsh has created an extended series of photographs in Dresden, Germany. The Technische Sammlungen Museen der Stadt Dresden will mount an exhibition of his work in September 2009. In cooperation with the City of Dresden Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz and the Greater Columbus Arts Council, touring exhibitions have been prepared for American and European venues through 2012.

As Artist-in-Residence during 2002 and over the next four years, Fredrik Marsh was drawn to the remains of the East German industrial-military complex and Dresden’s rebuilding, reconstruction, and renewal. Transitions: The Dresden Project demonstrates the juxtapositions and ironies still abundant in the post-Communist world, showing the old and the new as well as the grandeur and the decay of these once-majestic buildings after 20 years of change since the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

A comprehensive color exhibition catalogue in German and English has just been published and includes essays by Andreas Krase, Curator for Photography, Technische Sammlungen Museen der Stadt Dresden, Rod Slemmons, Executive Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago, and Holger Starke, Economic Historian, Stadtmuseum Dresden.

Booking Period: 4-8 Weeks.
Contents: Up to 50 framed black-and-white and color photographs,
in sizes 24” x 48,” 28” x 32,” & 42” x 48”. Object labels;
introductory text panel; exhibition catalogues available.
Installation Size: Up to 250 linear feet.
Shipping: Specific requirements will vary. Inquiries welcome.
Fee: TBD
Availability: ongoing.

For North American venues,                For European venues,
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Transitions Exhibition Visitor, Technische Sammlungen Dresden. September 2009.

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